arket Research involves conducting a feasibility study utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data collection tools. Data collection will consist of surveys, and interviews with respondents. The information gathered will be used to evaluate the potential of the business proposal. It will consider the marketing environment, and determine the demand for the services as well as the resources needed.From the study, we will be able to identify the necessary approaches and an implementation framework.

Our comprehensive Needs Analysis focuses on

how products and technological services can address our client’s needs.

Demand of the Product

Identify Market Segmentation, Target Groups and Positioning – being able to discern who are willing and able to use the propose services. What kind of challenges do they have?

Pricing Strategies

Determine the pricing techniques, Cost Plus Method and Market Oriented Method.

Competitive Analysis

Assess competition within the industry, both offering similar services as well as substitute services.

Campaign Development

Strategies to develop brand awareness and marketing of services.

Market Dynamics/Strategies

Recognize Industry Profile, the general law practices of the industry, pricing, values of people, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in the current industry.

Product Design & Consumer Preferences

Ensuring the user functionality and goals of the services reflect the consumer preference.